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Host a Girls Poker Night

It’s time for you and your gal pals to break out of the normal weekly trip to the movies. Tired of meeting over coffee or having your nails done together. If the answer is yes, then this unique girls night is for you. Here’s how to host a Girls Poker Night.

Invitations Are a Must!

You could purchase some invitations that feature dice or playing cards on them. Queen of Hearts cards would be perfect!Include a playing card in the invitation just for fun. Or visit Evite. They have some great Girls Poker Night invitations you can use for free!

Get the Poker Party Started

All you really need to host a Girls Poker Night is a table and enough chairs for all players to sit and play. But of course we know girls never do anything just plain and boring. Jazz up your Girls Poker Night by decorating your home in a cool Casino theme. Use green felt or a green table cloth to create your Poker table. Buy a Poker Kit! It will come with chips and Poker cards that you will need. Also buy some casino inspired decorations like playing card posters, pictures of dice. A life size cut out of Daniel Craig as James Bond would be perfect! Last night online games can be enjoyed at site from home with comfort and convenience. The selection of the poker cards should be done with the best hands. The playing at the table should be with small stakes for avoiding big losses of money. The games are enjoyed with friends and family members with comfort. 

Dress It Up

You can go casual. Or dress it up! We love the dress up idea. Have your girlfriends dress up like they were going out to a real casino. Or you could be a little silly and have everyone come in hats and boas. Use your imagination to make it fun!

Music and Stuff

Nothing says “Casino!” like music from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin! Play a variety of poker type music that will put your guests in the playing mood. Have candy cigars for your guests and have sexy playing cards to give as take home gifts. Mute your television and play some casino movies. Or leave it on ESPN’s poker programming.

Snacks and Drinks

Offer guests drinks in fancy highball or cocktail glasses, even if they are non alcoholic drinks. Keep appetizers simple. Peanuts, party mix, popcorn are all great choices. If you must serve appetizers, spear them with toothpicks so everyone can eat them without getting their hands mucky.

And the Winner Is….

Have a prize for the winner. Like a pair of fuzzy pink dice or a special deck of Chippendale cards. Take lots of pictures and be sure to email every guests shots of the party. Hosting your Girls Poker Night will be a memorable and fun blast!

Take a Gamble at Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods Resort Casino

Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino are two competing casinos in the Connecticut area. Foxwoods is located in Preston, CT. Mohegan Sun Casino is located in Uncasville, CT. These Indian owned reservations are owned only a few miles from each other. Despite the competitive atmosphere and closeness of these two places, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods provide a world of wonder for those who visit.

Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan is the more modern of the two casinos and is owned by the Mohegan Tribe. It is located by the scenic Thames River, a sight that many of its towering hotels look off onto.

As soon as you walk into Mohegan Sun, you are greeted by astonishing art and architecture. Mosaics and pieces that allude to the Mohegan culture cover every inch of the casino. And if it is not the art that attracts visitors to the casino, then it certainly would be the gambling, bars, and shopping.

Mohegan provides a night out all in one. Any type of cuisine that its customers are hungering for is available. Even Bobby Flay has invested in having his restaurant, Bar Americain, inside the casino.

After you eat the fun does not stop there because there is still plenty left to do. Throw a few bucks in the slots, have a cone at Ben  amp; Jerry’s. Mohegan Sun truly is a “world at play.”

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods is the older of the two casinos. Foxwoods has an art inspired theme as well, but it focuses less on Indian culture and more on creating an inviting atmosphere that all guests can enjoy. If you are interested in experience Pequot culture you can head over to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and check it out. It is not to be missed!

Luxury is not lacking at this resort casino. Foxwoods does not have a shortage of hotels, bars, and restaurants to relax in. It seems to be more popular for poker due to the loss of the poker rooms at Mohegan Sun briefly (they have returned). My father prefers Foxwoods for poker regardless.

Foxwoods also just built a new MGM Grande casino. It is a small but very hip atmosphere that is more reminiscent Las Vegas casino culture. So this is actually the newest addition to casino life in Connecticut.

You may also try to play online casino games while at rest in your room. You can visit to try some new casino games. Online casino games do not require you to leave the comfort of your room so wherever you are, you can now play casino games.

Both casinos offer great perks and a fun time for all ages. If you ever come to Connecticut or are looking for an unconventional weekend get-away try Foxwoods Resort Casino or Mohegan Sun.

Poker Online- Worthy Enough for Sustaining Your Skills

Nothing can give more pleasure than to hang out with friends and family because life has become quite hectic and demanding with no time for respite to enjoy other pleasures and the coming times don’t really bode well with Artificial Intelligence being speculated as the eventual successor of human minds.

The lockdown period has provided an opportunity for people to try out some new chores in the house which is good in a way as it would help in broadening horizons and learn new skills in the process that might prove beneficial in the near future.

While gambling doesn’t necessarily qualify as a skill, it still is popular enough to merit an entire article of its own apart from the fact that it is grossly misrepresented at times for engineering hatred among best of friends, though this statement has its merits.

Basic Knowledge

It is with great pride that one can mention about the major impact that gambling has created in a positive manner of course as people don’t have many glowing things to say about it but as of now it has termed out to be a game changer in the literal sense.

This is something that most people are wary of discussing which is astonishing given that the gambling websites are teeming with games like Bandar online, Liga168, New age situs judi and many others.

Pokerstars has established these private games online so that they can utilize the best of this opportunity as the lockdown period has everyone confined to their homes, including youngsters that are their target audience in this regard.

While it is considered illegal in the UK, the law is much more lenient in the US where despite some fake websites, it is quite easy to tell them apart from genuine ones that are held with great reverence by poker lovers.

How To Play Poker With Or Against Friends? Essential Attributes To Comprehend!!!

Poker is one of the most prominent games present in gambling that adds a refreshing touch to your day with its practice. It is a wonderful practice to preach with your friends that can cherish memories. 

We are here explaining how you can play poker with or against your friends rather than engaging with poker activities with strangers. If you are a poker player but too shy to practice it with strangers, then annoying your friends could be best, get to know how?

How to play poker with friends?

Gambling practices can surely add on to your experience and great convenience of gaining cherishing experiences. For enjoying poker with friends, you can sign up for a website like 918kiss that provides the benefit of creating or joining a poker group that allows you to play poker with friends by sharing a secret code for joining the group.

It is one of the finest ways to join poker games with friends and enjoy it thoroughly. There are different other chat options and features provided on sites that provide you with options that make more interesting and enthralling. 

Online participation in such gambling practices can allow friends to sit at a distance, enjoying a variety of gambling practices to the fullest.  Also, you aren’t required to pay any additional cost for creating or joining the poker group at the gambling website that you are joining for fun. 

Good rewards can be gained from such gambling experiences that are such so fun, and you don’t have to pay on the point as those your friends only, and you can pay them whenever you feel like. 

So, this was all about different ways of enjoying poker games with your friends or against them in a much interesting way.

How To Host a Successful Poker Tournament Right At Your Own Home?

A poker game can be really interesting and fun to play with your friends and family. It involves nerve wracking decisions and quick thinking in order to win the prize. During this lockdown period, it is even more important for you to think of activities that keeps you engaged. So what are you going to do when you plan to host a poker tournament right at your home? Take a look at these tips that will help you successfully host the poker game. Visit agen judi online and check out the latest poker games that they have featured this week.

The most important thing to keep in mind is with whom you are going to play the poker tournament. If your companions do not have general experience of how to play poker, things are going to get difficult. It is always a benefit if you have companions who are well familiar with the different aspects of poker. So, if you are playing with amateurs, then make sure to set the rules and dictate it to everyone first.

Make sure to have a modest table. It should not be too short, or else the players will not be able to find the space to keep their cards and tokens. A mid-sized table, depending on the number of players is a key to play comfortable poker. Now, you need to have ample card decks. Every player needs to have one and you can also buy fake tokens that will represent the money. These are the gear that you will need.

Check a YouTube video or read our other blogs to know more about how to win Poker games when you are playing with your friends.

Wisconsin’s Ho-Chunk Hotel and Casino: Rich in Glamour, Poor in Convenience

Since it was my and my wife’s fifth wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something special with my wife. When she suggested spending the night at Ho-Chunk Hotel and Casino in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, I figured it was a good idea.

I do want to be honest and will say we definitely managed to have fun. However, I do think the hotel could have done a bit more to make our stay much more enjoyable.

I spent a great deal of time trying to think of the best way to describe Ho-Chunk’s hotel and casino. I wouldn’t give it a really low score, but I wouldn’t rank it among my top weekend destinations either.

The best way I can explain it is the hotel is big on glitz and glamour; almost in an effort to convince people to go there rather than Las Vegas. And, from the moment you see the waterfall in the main lobby; you’ll find plenty of breathtaking sights.

However, in doing this, the hotel/casino seems to forget to make sure its customers are taken care of.

Like I mentioned before, we managed to have fun on our over-night stay there. However, there were times during our stay we regretted our choice.

First, when we got there, we had to stand in line for about 20 minutes before we could get to the front counter to check in. And, this was 90 minutes before their advertised check in time. Later on, we went to the casino guest services counter to get a rewards card (which gave us $10 of free game play and a 10% discount on the hotel) and, once again had to wait in line for about a half hour. As my wife described it, it was a bit like standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Around 6 p.m., we were getting hungry and decided to try one of their restaurants. Again, we found a line outside the Stand Rock Buffet and Wa-Zha-Wa Sports Bar  amp; Grill; the only two restaurants within our budget that were open at that time. And, because we didn’t want to stand in line again (this time it would have been about an hour); we wound up returning to our room instead; opting to try room service. Even this turned out to be a pain. We called the number and it just kept ringing. I finally had to call the front desk and they took the order then ran it upstairs.

This wasn’t just confined to the hotel outside our room either. Since it was a special occasion, I spent the extra money and reserved the hotel’s honeymoon suite. Much like the hotel itself, the suite was beautiful to look at, but turned out not to be overly impressive either.

First, it came with an electric fireplace that kicked out some heat but didn’t seem to warm the room all that much. We had to sit down within a couple feet of it to feel anything.

The room also had a kitchenette in it that looked nice but really didn’t come with anything. You had a couple dozen empty cupboards and drawers, a few dishes and a set of silverware that didn’t include knives or forks. Oh, and a microwave. Probably the best part of that section of the room was the full-sized refrigerator and freezer.

We enjoyed the hot tub. However the shower in the bathroom was really confusing and, because they had left the drain closed with no real instructions on how to reopen it, it ended up overflowing a bit when my wife used it. I also found it funny that they would include facial soap and lotion in the bathroom but no hand soap.

Oh, and I should mention the toilet was one of the loudest I’ve ever heard. When you flushed it, you could hear it down the hall.

The hotel’s web site is also a bit misleading when it describes the amenities that are supposed to be available to you. First, the cable television in the rooms was supposed to have premium movie channels. We had 10 channels total, and none were movie channels.

Their Web site also mentions a fitness and aquatic center. What it doesn’t tell you is the aquatic center isn’t attached to the hotel; you have to take a shuttle bus to get there.

Good thing there’s where I can play poker games online. This site allows me to have fun playing poker without leaving the comfort of the place where I was staying. It is also a good platform to practice poker playing.

I don’t want to give you the impression that everything at the hotel was bad because there were some pleasant things too.

I mentioned before that we ordered room service. Once I was able to order it, it was actually delivered promptly, there was a large quantity of food, it was of decent quality and it didn’t cost us a fortune (it was about $25 with tip).

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at the Sunrise Cliff’s Caf√© and again found great food at an affordable price (which was discounted by an additional 10 percent because of our rewards card).

When we first started playing in the casino, we didn’t think we were going to enjoy it too much because the slot machines were a bit complicated. But, once we figured them out, we had to drag ourselves away. I also liked the fact you could spend as little as you wanted; the slot machines ranged from 1 cent to 1 dollar and, even when we found ourselves on a losing streak, we could still play for some time before we ran out of money (we actually ended up coming out about $83 ahead). The $10,000 drawing just fore being in the casino at 10 p.m. was also nice touch.

The gift shop was very affordable and we had the opportunity to buy Native American crafts in the lobby area (I bought my wife a bracelet for $6). We also found the staff to be extremely friendly and willing to do what it took to make you happy; I think the biggest problem is they just didn’t have enough staff members to take care of all their customers.

Would I recommend the Ho-Chunk Casino and Hotel to someone? I think the answer to that question is yes, but with conditions. First, if I were to do this again, it wouldn’t be on the weekend. The crowd on Saturday is just too big for you to get the treatment you’ll be expecting and creates headaches with standing in line.

I also probably wouldn’t bother with the honeymoon suite again; it’s just too expensive for what you’re getting. The only thing we really enjoyed in it was the hot tub and they have a couple other suites that have that and are less expensive.

I figure, if we could still manage to have fun despite the headaches and disappointments; there’s plenty of potential at the hotel/casino. Imagine how much fun we could have if we planned things differently next time.

Correct Usage of Las Vegas Terms:

As a regular writer of Las Vegas and casino articles, I have always noticed the silent debate behind calling those huge gambling complexes in Las Vegas hotels, hotel/casinos, casinos, or resorts. As someone who travels to Las Vegas on a regular basis, I hope that I can settle this debate once and for all.

Correct Usage for, “Las Vegas Hotel”

When talking about the complex as a whole, the proper way to refer to them is a Las Vegas hotel. Granted, a Las Vegas hotel is normally going to make the most money off of the casino, but for tax purposes, and business license purposes, these complexes are listed as Las Vegas hotels. They just happen to have casinos, restaurants, and other attractions on the property.

Correct Usage for, “Las Vegas Hotel/Casino”

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas through a website like Travelocity, you will see that the complexes are listed as a hotel/casino. You will also note that if you go to the website of most of the Las Vegas hotels, you will notice that they are listed as a Las Vegas hotel/casino. This is a point that came up back in the mid-1990s and stuck for some reason.

The goal of the casinos that label themselves as a hotel/casino is to point out that they have two main concerns. They are equally concerned with the hotel as they are the casino. This was to reflect the image that some of the Las Vegas hotels were spending more time improving the hotels, and neglecting the casinos. Other Las Vegas hotels were spending more time on their casinos, and less on the hotels.

Some of the companies that use the moniker of Las Vegas hotel/casino have added this to their legal names. When referring to these properties in a corporate sense (such as in a business article), it is proper to discuss them as their legal name states.

Correct Usage for, “Las Vegas Casino”

When discussing a casino directly, it is correct to refer to it as a Las Vegas casino. In the same way, you would call one of the eateries inside of a Las Vegas hotel, a Las Vegas restaurant. Remember that the casino is only one part of the entire complex. Granted, you can have a Las Vegas hotel without a casino and you can have a Las Vegas casino that is not attached to a hotel. In the case where both are present, only call it a Las Vegas casino if you are referring to the one part of the whole.

Correct Usage for, “Las Vegas Resort”

Granted, almost all of the Las Vegas hotels could be listed as a resort. There are separate actual resorts, though, around Las Vegas. There are only two times in which the usage of the phrase, “Las Vegas resort,” is actually proper. If there is an actual resort that is being spoken of off of the Las Vegas Strip, or if a Las Vegas hotel has the word, “Resort,” in it’s legal name (there is rumors that this might happen in the near future to a few particular Las Vegas hotels).

The next time that you find yourself reading an article, writing an article, or looking for a room, keep the proper usages in mind for the complexes in Las Vegas. I have actually seen times in the past where Las Vegas hotel workers have corrected patrons for using the wrong term at the wrong time. In some instances, workers can actually become offended if referred to in an incorrect manner.

Now people of Las Vegas are quite kind and generous to their patrons so you need not worry about the casinos that are brimming with poker, blackjack and JasaQQ as you would need all the help you need if you are new to the place and even if you feel awkward through incidents, just recall the famous saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’.

Tips For Online Poker

It is a great time to have some fun with online casinos, isn’t it? After all, it is not like you have anything to do now that it is the quarantine. But unless you know how to actually play poker, then it isn’t going to do anything for you but be a source of money waste. So, in this article, we are going to teach you a few tricks about playing online poker in places like www ufabet com. 

Get A Space Most Suited For Online Poker

Poker sounds like the kind of game anyone would know how to play. But you might be surprised to know that it is a lot harder than it seems. It requires a lot of strategic thinking. With that, it is important to play in a room or space where you won’t be distracted. Of course, once you get to used to this kind of game, perhaps, having some company won’t be a distraction anymore. But since you are just learning the art, it would be best to stay in your room. Make sure that the room is cool so that you will be in the mood to think of a good game strategy. 

Start With A Single Table

The great thing about online poker is that you get to play as many tables as you want all in one time. This lets you multiply the prizes that you will be getting at the end of the game. But as a novice, it would be best if you just settle for a single table. This will enable you to really master the game while you are still not the best player around. Once you have done that then you could start playing two tables and then just multiply the tables as you go on. 

How to Cope with Your Spouse’s Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a serious problem, it’s an addiction. Coping with a spouse who has a gambling problem, even if your spouse is willing to admit they have a problem, can be extremely difficult, and heartbreaking. It takes a lot of love, support, and courage to help your spouse with a gambling problem. And while you’re trying to help support and encourage your spouse who has the problem, you have to be able to cope with their problem yourself. A gambling addiction can, and often does, affect every member of the household, and also will affect every aspect of your relationship with your spouse. If you aren’t aware of your spouse’s gambling problem, then finding out suddenly can feel like a horrible betrayal by your spouse of your trust and love.

Remembering that gambling is an addiction, and that an addiction is a sickness, can go a long way towards helping to heal the pain and stress of your spouse’s gambling problem. If you are able to help your spouse see that they have a problem, and that they need to seek help, then it makes dealing with your spouse’s gambling problem a lot easier. There are plenty of Twelve-Step programs, outpatient therapy and counseling programs out there for those who are trying to recover from a gambling addiction, and for spouses who are trying to cope with their partner’s gambling addiction. Remember though, even if your spouse agrees to seek help, that, with any addiction, relapse is a possibility. Love, patience and kindness will help you and your spouse to deal with a relapse if it occurs. If your spouse is unwilling to admit a problem or unwilling to seek help, that can cause a major problem with your marriage, and can stretch your already frazzled nerves to the limit! Even the most patient spouse can be pushed to the limit if their spouse is unwilling to seek help or admit a problem. It may be necessary to separate finances to protect yourself and/or your children from the effects of your spouse’s gambling problem. In cases such as this, I strongly encourage the spouse who’s trying to cope with their partner’s addiction to seek professional counseling and possibly even legal assistance, to protect themselves and/or their children’s well-being.

Dealing with a spouse with any kind of addiction can be difficult, takes a lot of patience and requires a lot of understanding and love. It takes a strong person to deal with another’s demons. Try to stay strong and supportive of your spouse and their addiction, seek professional help for yourself, and try to encourage your spouse to seek help for their addiction. The road to recovery from any addiction is never easy, and it’s harder when you’re watching your spouse deal with their addiction. Having faith, staying strong, and doing what needs to be done, will go a long way towards helping yourself cope with your spouse’s gambling problem. And, hopefully, your spouse will also help themselves and get on the road to recover as well.

But there is no other choice and if one were to really rid this addiction of your spouse then you need to take drastic measures otherwise life becomes a huge mess and I am a living example of how gambling has had an adverse impact on my life where a harmless poker online gave way to bigger stakes in blackjack.

How to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em with a higher success rate?

If you are new to the Ultimate Texas, Hold’em game, then it is obvious that you will be going to face tons of difficulties in the beginning. You might lose your money, but in this article, you will learn lots of tips and ways to play ultimate texas hold’em on dominoqq.  Basic rules should be clear to you, which will make it easier to understand the particular game.

Here are some basic unheard things you should know

  • Up to six players-

This game can be played with up to six players on the table and a dealer who will serve the cards and help in placing bets. You have to beat them all, and this is the time where you need to be careful. Some of them might be pro and others might be losers, so you should give your best.

  • One on one-

If you want to play it one on one, then online service will be the one you should choose. There you will find an option in which game is to be played with 52 cards in a deck. It would be the best option to show your opponent who you really are and how pro you are.

  • Review game of others-

You should see how winners play the game by which you will get to know about which strategy they use. A calm mind is essential if you want to understand the strategy of your opponent, and it would lead you to win the game. 

  •  Play blind-

Playing blind is the only way in which you can confuse your opponent, and they will eventually lose their hope and give up. In this way, you will be going to win the game at ease.