Poker Free Roll Strategy – Know about the strategies

Just because you’ve read a load of poker strategy books and won a few real money tournaments, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be a successful free roll player too. The two tournament types are totally different – and you’re going to need two totally different strategies

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The reason? Well, poker free roll players are a totally different breed of opponent. They’re not as good as the type of player you’ll find in a real money tourney. There more aggressive too and will play much more loosely. In fact, it’s possible that they might not turn up at all, so if that’s the case, don’t take it personally!

The truth is that whether they’re bored, frustrated or just decided to do something else, a freeroll player hasn’t committed any of his money to enter the tournament and will therefore leave whenever he wants.

If you’ve got an understanding of poker strategy though, it’s certainly going to help. It just means that a few little things need tweaking to ensure that you’ll become a profitable player!

  • First up, don’t get too clever. Remember you’re not playing against good players so trying to bluff them isn’t going to work. Your opponents will be mainly focuses on their own cards and aren’t strong enough to know when they should and shouldn’t fold. Don’t start trying to deceive people. Instead, concentrate on simple ABC poker.
  • If you’ve got a hand, bet it. Starting requirements for Freeroll tourneys are much lower than you’ll find elsewhere. Don’t start waiting around for Rockets or Cowboys before you make a raise. Instead, any half decent pair or an Ace with a high kicker is worth betting on. You’ll be pleasantly suprised at what your opponents turn over.

  • Stay Tight. One of poker’s oldest strategies could have been written for the Freeroll Tournamet:”You’ll make the most money at an agressive table when you’re playing tight.”When people are going all in every hand, there’s definitely money to be made and the best way of doing this is to show a little patience and wait until you’ve got something half decent before you go ahead and call them.
  • Be wary come the end. Once you’re down to just a handful of tables left, you can be sure that everyone still in the tourney is there for the duration. There’ll also be slightly better players, meaning that you might need to change your strategy a little. Your starting requirements can go up a bit and we’d suggest affording your opponents a little more respect – especially when it comes to big raises.

Playing with these four points in mind will ensure that you become a succesfull freeroll player. As you can tell, it’s all about focus and simpicity. Freeroll tournaments are a breeding ground for errors, so make sure that the errors belong to your opponents and not yourself.