Strong Emotions And Casino Gambling A Dangerous Mix

Strong emotions such as anger and frustration can be dangerous in the casino setting. This article looks at the causes and effects of these emotions, and shows you how to spot the effects in advance – and thus avoid the worst of their effects.

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While casino games are entertaining and happily enjoyed by millions of players, both live and online, there will be times where nothing seems to go your way at the tables. It can take a very detached person to withstand losing 20 bets at blackjack in 50 hands, or to see red come up 7 times in a row when they are betting on black at roulette.

Different people respond to losing streaks in different ways. Some people start to ‘chase losses’ by increasing the size of their bets, others may shift from a game they know well to one that gives them the opportunity for a big win to recoup their losses – and still other people will lose concentration and stop playing optimal strategy, since they ‘know’ that they are doomed to lose whatever they do.

What these effects of anger and irritation in the casino setting have in common is that they will change a fun pastime into an experience which can be both expensive and unpleasant. In order to stop emotion adversely affecting your gaming session we recommend that you take the following steps before you place a single bet:

– Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. This is an established and tested idea, yet many players are tempted to grab a little bit more cash if their initial bankroll disappears. Choose an amount that you can laugh about if it were to be lost in a really unlucky run – this should ensure you do not get angry if your cash runs out fast.

– Be aware of your own emotional state. Of course, we can all see the effects when anger or intense frustration strike! What we recommend here is to learn to spot those emotions before they manifest themselves. If you see the signs you can then take action before the ‘angry you’ does any damage to your finances.

– Make a plan for what you will do if you find yourself getting angry. This is key, simply taking a walk for 10 minutes, enjoying the entertainment or switching to a new game and / or lower stakes can all work. Deciding to do this in advance can prevent the hesitation which could allow your emotional state to worsen.

Of course, those losing runs will be balanced by those great winning streaks which we all love over time. By making sure that bad nights do not affect your bankroll to much you will be able keep casino gambling in perspective – and enjoy your time at the tables.


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