How to Play Doom on Your IPod! Read to know

Few games are a famous as Doom. Simply speak the name and nearly everyone will at least have heard of it, if not played it. The inspiration for many future FPS’s, Doom has won the hearts of many with it’s plot and bloody, shooting goodness.

On the quest to find out exactly what an iPod can do, many are surprised to discover that most iPods can, indeed, play Doom, though the controls are a bit funky at first. You can download the free version of Doom, called FreeDoom, or you can purchase the game in WAD form from ID.

If you want to play Doom on your iPod, follow the next simple steps to get started.

Items Needed:

Rockbox Supported iPod


iPod Data Cable

Computer with Internet access

Step 1:

You will need to install Rockbox, an awesome open source firmware for certain mp3 players. The method listed here will dual boot it with your original firmware – you can still use the normal iPod firmware and all of your files will stay put (though I recommend backing them up in case you mess something up).

To do this you will need a iPod version that is supported by Rockbox. You can view the supported models at the Rockbox website by clicking CURRENT BUILDS in the left hand menu.

Step 2:

Download the ZIP file of the build for your iPod. Make sure you choose the one for your version of the iPod – using a different version will result in an error. Save the ZIP file to your hard drive, preferably the Desktop.

Now, switch your iPod to Disk Mode and connect it to your computer with it’s data cable. Right click on the ZIP file you saved to your hard drive and extract it to your iPod. You should now see a file on your iPod called .rockbox.

Now, download a small program called iPodPatcher (.exe for Windows, .dmg for Mac). You can find a link to this program under INSTALLATION in the iPod Manual on

Open the program by double clicking it and start the practice session in agen casino online terpercaya without registering any account or submitting the deposit. Make sure your iPod is connected to your computer and that you extracted the .rockbox file to your iPod. Type ‘ I ‘ in the iPodPatcher and press ENTER. It will install in about five seconds. Close iPodPatcher when finished.

Now, open the .rockbox file that is installed on you iPod. Create a file called ‘doom’, exactly like I typed it. Copy in the DOOM.wad file you downloaded from the Internet. You will need to search and find these on your own.

Finally, unplug your player and wait for it to reboot. Navigate to Plugins, Games, Doom, and then select the WAD you added. Doom should now start up.


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