How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game played usually in the Asia market and on 토토사이트 an amazing Asian website. However, it can sometimes be found in local casinos and Las Vegas. The game is played with only 3 dice and comes with a variety of different bets you can place. This gave was invited somewhere near china in the 1800s and recently has become a must-have casino game.

Single betting is on the bottom row of the table and lists the six unique betting numbers 1 through 6. This is one of the fairly easiest bets to make as your betting on a particular number to roll. If one of the three dice come up you win even money. If you hit two of the three dice your payout is double and if all three dice come up with your number you win three times your bet!

Total Betting is where you can bet on the total of the 3 dices rolled in one roll. The odds vary on this wager in which the total of 4 pays 60 to 1 and the 10 pays as little as 10 to 1. If the dice happen to roll for a total of 3 or 18 the bet is a push. The overall odds of playing the sic bo total bet varies from 9.7% to 47.2%. This type of betting is one of the more common bets is placed in this casino game.

Two number combination betting is where you place a bet on two unique dice numbers hit. An example of this type of betting would be if you selected the 1 and 2 dice. If 1 and 2 both are rolled you would be paid five to one on your bet. The odds to win this bet are just under 14%.

Three-of-a-kind betting is where you place a bet on a specific three of a kind which is the highest paying bet at one hundred fifty to one. You’re also allowed to bet on any three of a kind which payouts out twenty-five to one respectfully.

Finally, the best bet to make is the small or big bet, this is a form of sic bo bet on the total amount on the three dice will land small between 4 and 10 or big between 11 and 17. This type of bet only pays even money but statistically is the best bet you can make while playing Sic Bo.

In conclusion, the game might appear hard to play when you first see it on the casino floor but the truth of the matter is it’s one of the easiest games you can play. The betting limits for this game vary although I have seen tables in which you’re able to wager as little as $5 all the way up to $1000 per roll. Note: The payouts on this game vary from land-based to online casinos and during unique promotions. To find what the current payouts are please contact your local or online casino and request that info.


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