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2020 WSOP – World Series of Poker

All poker players are aware of the fact that the World Poker Tour is the best tour of poker in the world. The most popular names in the world of poker have either won WPT title or have had the dream of winning it. The best poker players have WPT title in their CV. The ultimate achievement a poker player can have is to win the WPT title and have the bracelet in his pocket.

There have been nine seasons of WPT and everyone is excited about the 10th season as it is going to be the best of them all. Just win a ticket to this tour and you could be sitting on a roller-coaster that will be hitting cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Atlantic City. That is not all as there are many new events being planned for this season and so you could also visit European cities like Copenhagen, Malta, Vienna or Venice.

There are many events organized for this WPT around the globe. They have made all the arrangements to make you feel spoilt! The prize money and the destinations involved in the event is one part of the story but the experience of playing poker in WPT is something different and every poker player will crave to go through this experience. There are many poker websites which are offering free entry tickets to WPT. You can be a member of one of these websites and you might be lucky to play poker in WBT at Vegas without paying a single penny! The popularity of online poker games is increasing among the young generation for comfort and convenience. The selection of the reputed sites is made to enjoy the card games with different options. Some free tickets are made available to the person to get the benefit and improve the experience. 

Check out the WSOP 2012 qualifiers on 888 Poker.

Everyone knows that Black Friday is approaching and therefore millions of poker players have been looking out for judi online qualifiers to enter WPT event. Many European poker rooms that have the license have stepped in to help out the poker players to qualify for the World Series of Poker 2012.

The WSOP has been around since 1970 when the great Benny Binion had invited the best players from around the planet to compete with him in Las Vegas. From that famous tournament, this has become one of the most respected tournaments for poker players and since then it has not looked back. Since then the best players of the game have competed with each other to win the title of the best poker player in the world. This is the reason this tournament is so respected and longed for.

But you have to first qualify to participate in WSOP. The news that the winner will take home $1 million must motivate you to get out and get going! The winner would not only take home the money but he will also take home a world title for himself. The other thing is that you will be competing with the best players in the world. Playing with the experts in the field is a rare opportunity and no poker player would like to miss it. It will be a totally different experience which cannot be described in words. The 10th season is promising and will be a cracker of a contest!

The best poker site for WSOP qualifiers is 888 Poker,the most trusted poker site at the moment.

How Can You Win Spin & Gold Big Multipliers Through Ggpoker?

Have you not played one of the most innovative and fascinating poker games, Spin and Gold tables, till now? Well, there is nothing to worry about because here you will get all the necessary guidance, which will help you to win the biggest multiplier poker games easily. 

Control Your Aggression

It has been seen that most of the recreational players try to win huge when they go for Spin & Gold poker games. So, they will not stop themselves in 2x multiplier games and will try to move to the next level as quickly as possible. In such a scenario, you can vary your aggression and take advantage of this position. As these opponents will not give that much importance on the 2x multiplier, you can widen your range and avoid bluffs to take advantage of their sloppy play. 

On the other hand, when you find a difficult situation in a multiplier, you should bluff a little more for capitalizing on any controlled play by the opponent. 

Play for Winning

When you play 5x, 3x, or 2x multiplier, it is all about the winner who will take all the profits. So, from the very beginning, you should play for the win rather than just trying to move up. Even in the big multipliers, the same strategy is going to help you. If you play for the win, you will be in the best position to win the first prize in any big multiplier poker game.

Keep Your Focus for the Small Multipliers

 In Spin & Gold tables, you are going to get a lot of 3x and 2x multiplier levels. You should not lose your ROI by giving less attention to these small multipliers. If you provide a real focus for these small multipliers, you will start getting rewards from the very beginning, where the other players will only dream of getting their rewards from the bigger multipliers.

As this is a hyper-turbo structure, it is evident that Spin & Gold will finally change to a push-fold state. So, if you work on the strategy of push fold from now on, it is going to be beneficial for you. Here you can get more info by clicking on these links

What Are The Top Online Casinos And Gambling Tips?

Online casino games are highly popular in different countries as a reason in this platform you will see millions of players. They are continuously growing such that this platform will help an individual to earn money by playing online casino games. It is a vast platform that delivers a lot of opportunities to its players so that wining becomes easy for them. You can also consider Judi Poker Online platform through which you will be able to make your own mark in this field. In the gambling world, you will see that how important it is to form networking as well as acknowledging about all the tips for winning. If you are a player, then it is important for you to know all the rules and regulations first so that you can establish your game. 

Also, in the lower section, you will be going to read about all the beneficial online casino and gambling tips so that it will become beneficial for you to consider this platform, such as:

  • The very first tip which you want to consider is that you always read the instructions before playing gambling games. It is important because it will help you to play the game so that you can win easily by considering this platform. 
  • It is important for you to practice more so that you can establish your own strategies for playing and winning online casino games. It also helps you to make your own mark by considering online gambling games. 
  • The top online tip is that while playing the game, always make sure that you are truly focusing on your game. Your main focus should be on your game so that you will be able to represent your view.

All the tops online casino and gambling tips are listed in the upper section, through which you will be able to play these games easily.

How to Play Online Poker: 3 Amazing tips for beginners!

Online Poker has had a surge in volume in this pandemic. All the states saw a great hype in online table games and poker. There are a plethora of individuals that have tried dusting off their skills at online poker while some amount of beginners still play poker games for the first time. There are numerous decision-making in a short interval of time when playing poker – hole cards, anxiety mounts with table position, and handicapping your opponent. You need to arm yourself with some great strategies that can help you take on the affluent online poker world. Poker online indonesia involves many gambling games, you need to gain information about games before playing them.

Online Poker guidelines for Beginners

  1. Remember poker hand rankings

The end objective of the poker game is to have the finest set of five cards at the end of the betting. So the beginner level players have to know that a two-pair mislays to a three of a category or a full house bangs a flush. By playing it regularly, you will remember poker hand status.

  1. Limit the Bluff

According to the edited television shows, the superior high in poker is bluffing your challenger out of hand. But actually, in a lengthy live park yourself, these attempts should be restricted. The only best alternative for a new player to execute a bluff is to prove cards on appealing hands.

  1. Understand the button location

The button in online poker is used to signify the dealer. At the time of playing online poker, one person at all times makes the deal, and that person is the final for action. Poker game is full of information, and assembling more and more is dominant to success. New players are expectant to play tight and supervise the hole cards properly, however in the exact position, flexibility can occur.

Donk betting – The great strategy of poker!

Poker is a game of cards and luck, but with the increasing popularity, it had become highly oriented to strategies and gameplan. There are various strategies used in online poker, and each one of them is supposed to be used in different situations. You can use these numerous strategies while playing poker on different websites such as dominoqq, but one of the most popular and unique strategies is donk betting. Donk betting occurs when an out of position player bets against the aggressor of the previous round. Nowadays, donk betting is considered to be a great skill, but earlier, it was considered a mistake, and the poker player who donk bet was labeled as a bad player or a donk.

What is the right time to donk bet?

Donk betting has gained great popularity in the past decade, but one of the biggest drawbacks of donk betting is that it can be easily exploited. Usually, your opponent will take no time in spotting that you are using donk betting, and once he realizes it, you get in a pretty bad position. Sometimes, your opponent is quite passive, and he is now aware of donk betting and can’t identify it. You must use donk betting against a passive player as he can’t pick it, and you can make the most out of it. Most of the time, donk betting doesn’t offer good results, but if you are lucky and get a passive opponent, then you may get benefitted from it.

Why is it recommended to avoid donk betting?

Most of the poker experts don’t promote donk betting and advise players to avoid it. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that donk betting can be identified easily by the opponent, and they will make their next move to cut off your strategy.

What Are The Tips To Win Playing Pkv Games Online Gambling?

Online gambling is an amazing option that you can choose if you wish to make quick money online by gambling in virtual casinos without having to go anywhere or play at a specific time. Unlike any other method of earning money, you get the most flexibility to do the things as you like when you are gambling online. 

Why should you gamble online?

If you wish to earn money while having the flexibility of making your decisions and lets you face consequences of your choices, then online gambling is an excellent choice. There are almost no restrictions when you’re gambling online. This is almost non-existent in every other option of money-making. Online gambling allows you to do things differently. You can also increase your chances of winning at Pkv Games while gambling online to earn huge cash rewards. 

How can you win PKV Games easily?

Following some of the helpful tips listed below can you help you win at PKV games easily.

  • Start focusing on the game properly. Some people tend to not focus on the game properly and end up making wrong judgments. This vague judgment results in huge losses. If this is improved, the person has a higher chance of winning the game.
  • Remain patient throughout the game. There might be events when you may lose your patience and make wrong decisions. This should be avoided at all costs. You can not afford to have your judgment clouded as a result of your impatience.
  • Gain experience in playing the game. The more you play the game regularly, the more you’ll gain experience and become perfect at it. Try to place lower bets when you’re starting and gradually, as you gain experience and confidence, raise the bets.

Start gambling by playing PKV Games online now!

The Many Uses of Navi from Zelda

Navi the fairy, from Zelda:

Ocarina of Time, has to be my favorite 토토먹튀 video game character thus far. Oh, where to start. So many great things can be said about the wonderful Navi. This little orb of exuberance is the first character that Link (you) talks to in the game. He is referred to as ‘the boy without a fairy’, though this quickly changes. Navi is sent by the Great Deku Tree to fetch Link so that he may help break the curse and protect the Kokiri Forest and eventually save all of Hyrule.

Aside from jump-

starting the storyline, she is also a useful tool in the game. For example, she teaches you, the player, how to control Link. This includes looking around in the first person, walking around, interacting with people, and using commands such as opening doors, climbing and pushing blocks, and picking things up. She gives you many hints and tips in the very beginning. Whenever you encounter something for the first time, such as vines or spider webs, Navi tells you all about it and often says something to the effect of ‘I wonder what would happen if…’. Another one of her uses is called Z-targeting.

Z-targeting is the automatic targeting system used in the game that is activated by – you guessed it- the Z button. If you are playing the Gamecube version, it is referred to as L-targeting and uses the L bumper. You can use Z-targeting for multiple things including attacking, talking to people from a distance and gaining information about the target (whether it be a monster or object). Navi glows different colors to indicate what she is targeting; yellow for an enemy, blue for a person, and green for something of interest such as a hidden fairy fountain or time block. Navi also helps you talk to your friend Saria once you learn Saria’s Song.

Navi also helps you stay focused on the main quest. Every so often you’ll hear her say ‘Hey!’ and your C-Up button will flash on the screen, letting you know Navi wants to tell you something. Upon pressing C-Up, you hear ‘Listen’ and then a dialogue box pops up for you to read. For first-time players, this is a God-send, especially for those without a game guide. Since I’ve played the game a few times, it can get a little distracting when I’m trying to complete side quests early on in the game. But still, sometimes even I forget what I’m supposed to do next, and her little reminders are helpful in jarring my memory.

I also have a more personal reason for adoring Navi. Most players find her pestering to be quite annoying as she tends to say ‘Hey!’ a lot, in order to get your attention. But even though I agree that it can get on your nerves, it is actually what inspired one of my tattoo ideas. Ever since I was a little kid I’d watch my Dad play Zelda. I started off watching him play the original Zelda (his favorite) and occasionally he’d play the sequels. Once Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out, I was finally able to actually play with him since the earlier games were terribly difficult for me. No more reading guides, telling him which rooms he could use bombs on the walls in. Now it was time for me to say ‘Here, let me show you.’. I have such fond memories of the Zelda series that I decided I wanted a tattoo to remind me of all the hours my dad and I spent playing together. And what better way (in my opinion) than to get Navi behind my ear saying ‘Hey, Listen!’. I’d like to think of it as my dad is like Navi, guiding me through the quest we call life saying ‘Hey, listen’ whenever I seem to be losing my way.

3 Tips to Win Better Rewards in Live Casino!!!

Live casino engagement is really exciting that would put you through an abundance of fun and enthrallment. It is great for people to take part in live casinos to go through a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

However, the live casino is fun, but winning bigger and better rewards don’t seem coming anyone’s way. Let us look into the five tips to win better rewards in live casinos to have more fun and better money value. 

Three tips to win better rewards in live casinos!!

Several tips can be practiced to win over the opponents and winning better funds. It is great for people t to follow up below-mentioned tips when participating in live casinos to enjoy it thoroughly. 

Start with basics: it is essential to choose for the basics instead of randomly getting started with the live casinos. People often make a mistake of starting with live casinos without actually knowing what it is. Learning the basics is essential, where you are well known to the rules and ways how does it work. There is no time to learn or understand rules and regulations. Live casinos are a lot different from the other gameplay. 

Picking the best RTP live casino games: you need to pay closer attention to payback RTP. When you choose the best sites, then you are provided with the advantage of a better percentage. There are a variety of games that allow in easy participation and provided with the right combination of strategy, which enables them to win better funds. 

Utilizing promotions and bonuses: it is important for people to make use of promotions and bonuses together. Live casinos allow you to take maximum benefit of promotion and bonuses; however, you need to take a closer look at them during live casinos. 

Thus, these are primary tips to win better rewards in live casinos, and for more guide, you can look into that are providing an optimal guide.

Host a Girls Poker Night

It’s time for you and your gal pals to break out of the normal weekly trip to the movies. Tired of meeting over coffee or having your nails done together. If the answer is yes, then this unique girls night is for you. Here’s how to host a Girls Poker Night.

Invitations Are a Must!

You could purchase some invitations that feature dice or playing cards on them. Queen of Hearts cards would be perfect!Include a playing card in the invitation just for fun. Or visit Evite. They have some great Girls Poker Night invitations you can use for free!

Get the Poker Party Started

All you really need to host a Girls Poker Night is a table and enough chairs for all players to sit and play. But of course we know girls never do anything just plain and boring. Jazz up your Girls Poker Night by decorating your home in a cool Casino theme. Use green felt or a green table cloth to create your Poker table. Buy a Poker Kit! It will come with chips and Poker cards that you will need. Also buy some casino inspired decorations like playing card posters, pictures of dice. A life size cut out of Daniel Craig as James Bond would be perfect! Last night online games can be enjoyed at site from home with comfort and convenience. The selection of the poker cards should be done with the best hands. The playing at the table should be with small stakes for avoiding big losses of money. The games are enjoyed with friends and family members with comfort. 

Dress It Up

You can go casual. Or dress it up! We love the dress up idea. Have your girlfriends dress up like they were going out to a real casino. Or you could be a little silly and have everyone come in hats and boas. Use your imagination to make it fun!

Music and Stuff

Nothing says “Casino!” like music from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin! Play a variety of poker type music that will put your guests in the playing mood. Have candy cigars for your guests and have sexy playing cards to give as take home gifts. Mute your television and play some casino movies. Or leave it on ESPN’s poker programming.

Snacks and Drinks

Offer guests drinks in fancy highball or cocktail glasses, even if they are non alcoholic drinks. Keep appetizers simple. Peanuts, party mix, popcorn are all great choices. If you must serve appetizers, spear them with toothpicks so everyone can eat them without getting their hands mucky.

And the Winner Is….

Have a prize for the winner. Like a pair of fuzzy pink dice or a special deck of Chippendale cards. Take lots of pictures and be sure to email every guests shots of the party. Hosting your Girls Poker Night will be a memorable and fun blast!

Take a Gamble at Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods Resort Casino

Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino are two competing casinos in the Connecticut area. Foxwoods is located in Preston, CT. Mohegan Sun Casino is located in Uncasville, CT. These Indian owned reservations are owned only a few miles from each other. Despite the competitive atmosphere and closeness of these two places, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods provide a world of wonder for those who visit.

Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan is the more modern of the two casinos and is owned by the Mohegan Tribe. It is located by the scenic Thames River, a sight that many of its towering hotels look off onto.

As soon as you walk into Mohegan Sun, you are greeted by astonishing art and architecture. Mosaics and pieces that allude to the Mohegan culture cover every inch of the casino. And if it is not the art that attracts visitors to the casino, then it certainly would be the gambling, bars, and shopping.

Mohegan provides a night out all in one. Any type of cuisine that its customers are hungering for is available. Even Bobby Flay has invested in having his restaurant, Bar Americain, inside the casino.

After you eat the fun does not stop there because there is still plenty left to do. Throw a few bucks in the slots, have a cone at Ben  amp; Jerry’s. Mohegan Sun truly is a “world at play.”

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods is the older of the two casinos. Foxwoods has an art inspired theme as well, but it focuses less on Indian culture and more on creating an inviting atmosphere that all guests can enjoy. If you are interested in experience Pequot culture you can head over to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and check it out. It is not to be missed!

Luxury is not lacking at this resort casino. Foxwoods does not have a shortage of hotels, bars, and restaurants to relax in. It seems to be more popular for poker due to the loss of the poker rooms at Mohegan Sun briefly (they have returned). My father prefers Foxwoods for poker regardless.

Foxwoods also just built a new MGM Grande casino. It is a small but very hip atmosphere that is more reminiscent Las Vegas casino culture. So this is actually the newest addition to casino life in Connecticut.

You may also try to play online casino games while at rest in your room. You can visit to try some new casino games. Online casino games do not require you to leave the comfort of your room so wherever you are, you can now play casino games.

Both casinos offer great perks and a fun time for all ages. If you ever come to Connecticut or are looking for an unconventional weekend get-away try Foxwoods Resort Casino or Mohegan Sun.