National Lottery Ticket

Buying a National Lottery ticket not only gives you a chance to become a millionaire, it also allows you to support a number of “good causes” through grants given from the Good Causes pot. Since it was launched in November 1994, the National Lottery has raised £25 billion for the Good Causes fund through the sale of tickets from the various lottery games. There are currently six National Lottery games with each line or combination generally costing £1 to play unless otherwise specified.

This is the reason why most people love national lottery so much as they are always engaged in charitable causes to help the poor and needy with some interesting matches ranging from Bandar Bola and Russian roulette where gamblers can play their card and emerge winners with a huge jackpot to their name.

  1. The Lotto is the flagship National Lottery game. To play, bettors have to pick six numbers from one to 49 on the play slip. You can also opt to have the computer select a combination for you by choosing the Lucky Dip option. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. You can also play in advance for up to eight consecutive weeks.
  2. The Lotto Hotpicks uses the main Lotto draws to determine winners but is a separate game entirely. To play Lotto Hotpicks, you choose six numbers from one to 49 as in the regular Lotto game, but then you also choose whether match one to five numbers. Your winnings depend on whether your choice is correct. The top prize for the game is £130,000 if you match all five numbers.
  3. The Lotto Plus 5 game qualifies you for five separate draws using the same numbers you’ve bet in the regular Lotto game. If you want to play the Plus 5 game, all you have to do is choose this option when you buy your National Lottery ticket. Each line costs an additional £1 and draws are held on the days of the week when a Lotto draw is not held.
  4. The Thunderball game requires you to choose five numbers from one to 39 and a sixth Thunderball number from one to 14. The jackpot prize for the game is £500,000 for matching all the numbers and minor prizes are won for matching various combinations of numbers. In all, the game has nine prize levels.
  5. The Daily Play is held every day except Sunday and players choose seven numbers from one to 27, with the top prize being £30,000. There are five prize levels for matching four to seven numbers. One unique feature of this game is that players can win a free Lucky Dip ticket if their chosen combination does not match any of the numbers drawn.

The National Lottery also participates in the EuroMillions game, a pan-European lottery that is available to players in participating European countries such as France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. To play this game, you have to select five numbers from one to fifty and two different Lucky Star numbers from one to nine.

The game has twelve prize levels, including the jackpot and you can win a prize for matching as few as two of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers. In addition UK players of the EuroMillions also automatically participate in the weekly UK Millionaire Raffle, in which one lucky player wins £1 million. You can buy your EuroMillions tickets at the same lottery outlet where you buy your National Lottery ticket.


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