How to Make a Video Game

Making a video game takes a lot of hard work and determination. If you have played a game on QQ, you would know that there are a lot of elements involved in the game that merits recognition. It requires a lot of knowledge and usually a team of people, though there have been some very successful games made by as little as just one guy working on it alone! I myself am a hobbyist programmer and have made many different games. I have made many mistakes and many profits in the avenue but there is always more for people to learn. There are several steps you need to take in order to get yourself started in the world of game making.

First off, determine your game audience and platform. Is your game a console game or is it a computer game? If you’re brand new to making a game your choices will be important because they will determine where you start in the learning process.

Another thing to think about is what your game is about and what happens in it. Some game languages are better than others for certain types if games. Is it fast paced or a slower casual game?

Yet another subject in the planning phase is the type of game. Are you interested in creating an online game that many people play together? Or will you make a simple one-time-play flash game?

Lastly, one needs to think about the requirements for building your game. The actual software needed the time, equipment and the skills. These all affect the cost which may hinder the early developer but it is possible to make a really good game for absolutely no extra cost.

After you have planned out the game the next thing you need is the knowledge. There are many different ways of making games each with its own unique capabilities. Using a game maker is usually really easy and requires little prior knowledge but often the rights are limited making it impossible to sell or distribute your game. These game makers though, are often a great way to start off or make casual games for yourself or friends.

Other games are made using programming languages. There are many different types of languages each with Their own perks and drawbacks. Sometimes more than one language is used to make a game. But it is best to learn one at the start than expand to others. Some good languages to start off with are Java, Python, C#(C-sharp), C, or C+(C-Plus). These languages are very common and relatively easy to learn. They also relate to one another so after you master one the others come easy.

Ways to learn these languages are just as many as the languages themselves. Colleges or schools offer classes, there are online classes available, books are a great way to learn, friends can teach you, and it is even possible to teach yourself with a little online reading. There are many sites that teach programming skills so following them will get you on the right track in no time!

After you have learned a language you can finally start to make your game! Here is where all your hard work has paid off. There will be lots more hard work to go but with lots of dedication your game will start to shape up for you and others to enjoy!


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