Whats News In The World Of Poker

I have just read a very interesting poker article by Howard Lederer, with regards to how he equates his mastership over poker with lessons he learned in “Zen”. No matter how far apart these two worlds appear to be, they actually do collide according to him, and if you want to improve your poker game, you should get your hands on this article and really study it. Be warned, it is a long one, but is it also brilliant. Finding these things are easier in Evolution Casino.

In the meantime, what else is new in the world of poker? Well fans will be happy to know that a WSOP new and very exclusive line of clothing will be coming out in time for the 2010 series. Apparently this is not a sponsorship deal; it is a collaborative effort between the World Series of Poker organizers and a sportswear company called Nat Nast. Poker memorabilia collectors will be happy to know – this is a collectors’ series of clothing.

If wearing a 2010 WSOP T-shirt is going to help improve your game, then go for it, buy one. The items which are going on sale will be casual, yet elegant in silk and cotton, and typically sold in Saks or Nordstrom. They will also be available in casinos and luxury resorts throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean. The good news for those of you who haven’t managed to bankroll your poker career into the realms of stardom as yet, is that these goods will also be sold online. Ty Stewart the VP of WSOP is said to be delighted and is hoping this will end the appearance of hoodies, glitter shirts and track jackets at his poker tables.

Also in the news is that the Government of Lithuania has decided to recognize poker as a sport. This happened on the 20th March 2010 and sets an example for the rest of the world who still believe this game to be merely a gambling activity. Essentially this means poker is recognized as a game of skill and is embraced into respectable competition.

Playing poker has inspired film, music and now art. You may be familiar with the “Dogs Playing Poker”, a series of paintings from the early 1900′s by C.M. Coolidge. They were painted with the express purpose of advertising cigars, but became so popular that they became cultural icons. Another artist has taken a variation on this theme and is now featuring past US Presidents in a similar series of two paintings. Andy Thomas of Missouri calls his paintings “Big Dawgs Playing Poker.”

He is primarily a self-taught artist with a passion for history and he is commonly called the “storyteller” because of his ability to tell a tale through his art. Intrigued with the idea of US Presidents sitting playing poker (very apt indeed), the paintings are separated into Republicans and Democrats. Features include political logo’s rather than bicycles on the backs of the cards, and various personality traits of each of the featured presidents. There is a good deal of activity for the eye, and the images are a lot of fun. I wonder if Ty Stewart would consider buying them and placing them where they could be seen by poker players for the next event in the WSOP?


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