Wild Witches Witch Hunt In The Casino

The video slot Wild Witches brings you along to the world of the witches, when you play one handed bandits online. But do not fear, these beautiful witches are not evil, but they can still give you both tricks and treats in the casino during Halloween!

How is Wild Witches played?

Wild Witches is a video slot with five wheels, 20 lines and many entertaining functions. The Wild-symbol will replace all other symbols except the scatter, and will also double all winnings. If a Witchy-Wild is showing on your third wheel, then this golden symbol will replace all other symbols (except scatters) and your winnings will also be multiplied with 4! You will recognize the Wild-symbol with a skull, a magical book and a feather pen. With the increasing demand in gambling online, the demand for new casino games have also came forward. Usage of situs judi online dominoqq have attracted a lot of traffic on the sites with the qq games. However, you need to choose a website that is verified so you do not get in to any trouble. The Scatter will give you freespins, and in this magical pot you will find up to 30 free spins in one single round! Indeed this is a magical video slot!

An online slot with extra-ordinary powers

The powers and magical possibilities differs between the witches, depending on what kind of witch it is. According to popular folklore, a witch is a woman with magical powers, and the male version is called a wizard. Both witches and wizards have, according to the church, sworn to serve Satan, and have learned there magic from him as well. As help, the wizards and witches use different weapons, such as wands and magical spells. The witches had the power to destroy, they could make cows lose their milk, throw spells, transform into animals and cause bad harvest. Even in Wild Witches you will be aware of crazy things, such as love potions, speaking mice and other magical symbols. This is a very entertaining video slot, with the potential of giving you some of the highest winnings online!

Witches now and then

For a long time, people feared the witches and their powers, which caused a so called witch hunt, which was going on in Europe in the 15th to 17th century. It was supported by the church, and many suspected witches were burnt, or executed in other ways. Historians say that it is possible that in between 25 000 and 50 000 people (mainly women) became victims in this horrific hunt. Witches has scared, and fashinated a whole world, and today we can find a wide range of literature and film productions starring witches. Lately witches have grew in popularity, with the famous books and films about Harry Potter. But in Harry Potter we find both good and evil witches, and except their magical powers, these witches and wizards are just like ordinary people, with ordinary problems.

And now the witches are moving one step further, and can also be found as a video slot. In Wild Witches you can hang out with a group of cool witches when you are playing one handed bandit online. But do not fear, these witches are good, with great winnings, special functions, free spins and a high level of entertainment!