The Many Uses of Navi from Zelda

Navi the fairy, from Zelda:

Ocarina of Time, has to be my favorite 토토먹튀 video game character thus far. Oh, where to start. So many great things can be said about the wonderful Navi. This little orb of exuberance is the first character that Link (you) talks to in the game. He is referred to as ‘the boy without a fairy’, though this quickly changes. Navi is sent by the Great Deku Tree to fetch Link so that he may help break the curse and protect the Kokiri Forest and eventually save all of Hyrule.

Aside from jump-

starting the storyline, she is also a useful tool in the game. For example, she teaches you, the player, how to control Link. This includes looking around in the first person, walking around, interacting with people, and using commands such as opening doors, climbing and pushing blocks, and picking things up. She gives you many hints and tips in the very beginning. Whenever you encounter something for the first time, such as vines or spider webs, Navi tells you all about it and often says something to the effect of ‘I wonder what would happen if…’. Another one of her uses is called Z-targeting.

Z-targeting is the automatic targeting system used in the game that is activated by – you guessed it- the Z button. If you are playing the Gamecube version, it is referred to as L-targeting and uses the L bumper. You can use Z-targeting for multiple things including attacking, talking to people from a distance and gaining information about the target (whether it be a monster or object). Navi glows different colors to indicate what she is targeting; yellow for an enemy, blue for a person, and green for something of interest such as a hidden fairy fountain or time block. Navi also helps you talk to your friend Saria once you learn Saria’s Song.

Navi also helps you stay focused on the main quest. Every so often you’ll hear her say ‘Hey!’ and your C-Up button will flash on the screen, letting you know Navi wants to tell you something. Upon pressing C-Up, you hear ‘Listen’ and then a dialogue box pops up for you to read. For first-time players, this is a God-send, especially for those without a game guide. Since I’ve played the game a few times, it can get a little distracting when I’m trying to complete side quests early on in the game. But still, sometimes even I forget what I’m supposed to do next, and her little reminders are helpful in jarring my memory.

I also have a more personal reason for adoring Navi. Most players find her pestering to be quite annoying as she tends to say ‘Hey!’ a lot, in order to get your attention. But even though I agree that it can get on your nerves, it is actually what inspired one of my tattoo ideas. Ever since I was a little kid I’d watch my Dad play Zelda. I started off watching him play the original Zelda (his favorite) and occasionally he’d play the sequels. Once Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out, I was finally able to actually play with him since the earlier games were terribly difficult for me. No more reading guides, telling him which rooms he could use bombs on the walls in. Now it was time for me to say ‘Here, let me show you.’. I have such fond memories of the Zelda series that I decided I wanted a tattoo to remind me of all the hours my dad and I spent playing together. And what better way (in my opinion) than to get Navi behind my ear saying ‘Hey, Listen!’. I’d like to think of it as my dad is like Navi, guiding me through the quest we call life saying ‘Hey, listen’ whenever I seem to be losing my way.


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