Reasons Why People Invest in the Euro Millions Ticket

There are many reasons why people buy the Euro millions ticket. The tickets can be bought from retail outlets, websites, and even the w88 mobile application. There were only the retailers at the beginning which made it very difficult for the people living in the countryside and in other countries to buy the tickets. But with time, the game could be played by buying the tickets online. The draw is held every Friday night in Paris. The show is aired live on TV and if you tune in to the proper UK channel, you too can see it. The results are also published in the newspapers on the next day. The websites also send emails to you and you can know if you have won. But the emotions you go through while watching the live draw can be very exciting.

The simplicity of the Game

The very first reason why people buy the Euro millions ticket is that the game is very simple to play. You have to select 7 numbers for each ticket. The first 5 numbers are the primary numbers and the last 2 are the lucky star numbers. The former has to be chosen from 1 – 50 and the latter from 1 – 9. For winning the jackpot, all the 7 numbers have total. There are 12 prizes in all which you can get even if you match 6 or fewer numbers. The odds of winning the jackpot are very high but since the game is played every week, you can improve your chances of winning by buying tickets every time. You might win the lower-tier prizes if not the jackpot.

Huge Amount on Offer

The second reason why people buy the Euro millions ticket is that the amount you can get in the jackpot is very huge. You will hardly get such a huge amount in any of the other lotteries that you buy. The fact that the jackpot amount is not forfeited but rolled over to the next week makes the game more popular. Even if no one matches the 7 numbers drawn, the jackpot amount is rolled over to the next week and you have a higher amount up for grabs. This continues till the end of the 11th week in succession. On the 12th draw, the amount is distributed among the second-tier winners, that is, those who have got the 5 primary numbers and 1 lucky star number correct.

Chance of Winning Every Week

Another reason why people buy the Euro millions ticket is that because the game is played every week. Unlike most of the national lotteries which have a huge amount as the jackpot, the Euro millions offer an increasing amount in the jackpot every week. If you are not lucky in one week, you might be in the other. Since the jackpot is really huge, no one minds paying for the ticket every week. Even if you win one of the lower tier prizes, you can get enough to cover all the costs incurred on buying the Euro millions ticket every week. You will love playing the game for the excitement it gives you.