Online Casino Bonus Strategy

This strategy used to work some time ago, when I was using it to play Blackjack on togel online terpercaya. It was the bomb of the strategy. Using the strategy card, the mathematicians in the gambling community found out that the bonus does give you a mathematical edge when playing blackjack on the online casino when you utilize their bonus.

Thus, people start to play online casino blackjack and started making money. Well, I was one of them.

But as time goes by, the casino owner got smarter, and started to raise the wagering requirements in order to withdraw not only your deposit but also your bonus, should you win that is.

For blackjack, the wagering requirement is something like 300 times your bonus and deposits. It’s like if you have a deposit of $100 and the bonus match is 100% it means you have to wager $200 x 300 which is 60,000 times!!!!

I believe some people have managed to get away even though the wagering requirement means you have to sit and play 20,000 hands on a $5 bet. Those people like me would say ‘Heck it! I don’t have the patience!!’

Some casinos would say HELL NO BLACKJACK or ROULETTE GAME will contribute to the wagering requirements.

However, there are some casinos out there that are kind enough to allow this game of Roulette to contribute to your wagering requirement to withdraw your bonus and deposit, but only a certain percentage, especially for roulette.

Some casino allows 100% contribution to the wagering requirements if you play American Roulette, but only 25%, 40% or sometimes 50% on European roulette.

Most of these casinos allow only a 2% contribution for blackjack games. The only problem is that you have to search for it. And I have searched for it trust me… There are not many casinos out there that allow the game of roulette to contribute to your wagering requirements.

Anyhow, if you do find a casino that allows a certain percentage of your wager in roulette to contribute to the wagering requirements then I suggest Roulette Killer. You can read my review here, I mention that this software would be great for a try and fulfill wagering requirements. It’s a $5 bet every spin, so it’s very fast, and the win/lose ratio seems very small.