Live Texas Holdem Poker Games – Know about the live tables

I haven’t played live poker for a few years now or at least not in a casino setting anyway. It is clear now that the easiest games to beat on a technical level are live games. The players in these games on average lack the sophistication of the average online player at the same stakes.

But I have both played in and heard of others playing in some live games that nobody in their right mind would want to sit down in. One of the big differences with regards live games to Online Texas Holdem poker games is that the casinos in question basically do not police the games and many casinos only have cardrooms as a way of getting punters onto their table games in the pit area.

Most casino owners and managers wouldn’t know a poker cheating move if one dropped onto their head and could hardly police the poker games that they have in their clubs. This is normal and is replicated in most casinos and certainly in the UK. But when you have a situation where the actual players themselves are left to police the game, then what happens if most of the line up is involved in a scammed game? The judi rolet online platform will offer live poker tables to the poker players. The playing at the poker table will not require dealers for increasing the benefits. The use of the correct tips and tricks is necessary to have the desired results.

You then have a situation where new players and new faces and especially the new faces basically get calved up for lunch. The new faces lose money and cannot understand why so they are left thinking that they were either unlucky or they are not as good as they think they are.

A few years ago I was aware of a team in England whose leader was dubbed “Dr Death” by a few people. If someone asked me how can you tell that someone is cheating if you cannot see what they are doing then my only answer to that is “because something didn’t feel right”. That is hardly a scientific explanation but it will have to do because that is all that I have.

I know or more to the point knew live games that were crooked and I knew more or less what tactics they were using. But yet in all that, it was still very difficult to actually spot them doing anything and this is how professional cheats operate at poker. The signals and the tactics are subtle but it is a case of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” in many instances.

Before anyone jumps on my back here and says that I am claiming that all live games are crooked, simply re-read the article! But when you know full well that numerous live games have been crooked and you have even known the cheats personally in many instances then no one can ever tell me that what I am saying is wrong.

The amazing thing about all this is that many of these players are cheating out of simple necessity and many don’t even believe in their own minds that they are cheating. Many of the tactics that they use are deemed just that….. “tactics” in the minds of many players. In live poker there is no online casino to check the hand histories for you or to police the game.

The online card rooms have far more interest to police their games than live casinos do. Quite often, casino managers don’t even like poker players anyway and especially the types of players who do not get involved in any action in the pit area. So beware the next time you play live and if you are playing live for the first time, better watch your back.