How to Cope with Your Spouse’s Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a serious problem, it’s an addiction. Coping with a spouse who has a gambling problem, even if your spouse is willing to admit they have a problem, can be extremely difficult, and heartbreaking. It takes a lot of love, support, and courage to help your spouse with a gambling problem. And while you’re trying to help support and encourage your spouse who has the problem, you have to be able to cope with their problem yourself. A gambling addiction can, and often does, affect every member of the household, and also will affect every aspect of your relationship with your spouse. If you aren’t aware of your spouse’s gambling problem, then finding out suddenly can feel like a horrible betrayal by your spouse of your trust and love.

Remembering that gambling is an addiction, and that an addiction is a sickness, can go a long way towards helping to heal the pain and stress of your spouse’s gambling problem. If you are able to help your spouse see that they have a problem, and that they need to seek help, then it makes dealing with your spouse’s gambling problem a lot easier. There are plenty of Twelve-Step programs, outpatient therapy and counseling programs out there for those who are trying to recover from a gambling addiction, and for spouses who are trying to cope with their partner’s gambling addiction. Remember though, even if your spouse agrees to seek help, that, with any addiction, relapse is a possibility. Love, patience and kindness will help you and your spouse to deal with a relapse if it occurs. If your spouse is unwilling to admit a problem or unwilling to seek help, that can cause a major problem with your marriage, and can stretch your already frazzled nerves to the limit! Even the most patient spouse can be pushed to the limit if their spouse is unwilling to seek help or admit a problem. It may be necessary to separate finances to protect yourself and/or your children from the effects of your spouse’s gambling problem. In cases such as this, I strongly encourage the spouse who’s trying to cope with their partner’s addiction to seek professional counseling and possibly even legal assistance, to protect themselves and/or their children’s well-being.

Dealing with a spouse with any kind of addiction can be difficult, takes a lot of patience and requires a lot of understanding and love. It takes a strong person to deal with another’s demons. Try to stay strong and supportive of your spouse and their addiction, seek professional help for yourself, and try to encourage your spouse to seek help for their addiction. The road to recovery from any addiction is never easy, and it’s harder when you’re watching your spouse deal with their addiction. Having faith, staying strong, and doing what needs to be done, will go a long way towards helping yourself cope with your spouse’s gambling problem. And, hopefully, your spouse will also help themselves and get on the road to recover as well.

But there is no other choice and if one were to really rid this addiction of your spouse then you need to take drastic measures otherwise life becomes a huge mess and I am a living example of how gambling has had an adverse impact on my life where a harmless poker online gave way to bigger stakes in blackjack.