11 Reasons Why Poker Players Are Cool – Know the reasons

Poker is inherently cool, but why? Well there’s cowboys, lying, hard liquor, loose women, the movie Rounders and of course money. Lots of money. And did I mention cowboys, and women, and booze?

  1. You get to put on a poker face

When playing poker you can possess a completely different persona. The most timid and meek person can become dominating and calculated, sneaky and cutthroat. And unlike the playground, you get to stare someone down without the risk of a punch in the face (most of the time). Judi Bola Resmi will provide the information about the sports betting table face to the bettors. The earning of a lot of money is possible at the platform. The management of the funds is great at the platform. The risks are less in comparison to the other platform. 

  1. It’s ok to lie

As we’re all in a secret poker society now, we’ll call it bluffing, but basically it’s lying. You look deep into someone’s eyes and calmly tell them without a word that you can kick their ass – that they should pack their bags and toss their cards away. Mine is bigger than yours. Of course, you can get caught out, but when you get away with a big fat lie it can send your heart racing at twice it’s natural pace.

  1. You can make money tax free

To a point at least. If you turn pro you’ll have to do some explaining or get into “creative accounting”. But for most people a couple of nights at a cash game in the local casino is just money in your pocket. The best part? Getting up from the table and walking to the cashier with a big cocky swagger that says “I just took all you guys for two grand. Eat it…

  1. Everyone is doing it – but not everyone is doing it well

Because so many people are playing poker, you need to be good to be cool. But when you are good people pay attention, they talk about you more and when that time comes when you’re standing in a bar beside a girl you like and someone happens to mention that “he’s really good at poker”, it’s like suddenly changing into patent leather pants, cowboy boots and having the word awesome tattooed across your stubble-ridden jaw.

  1. You can earn money without having a “real” job

If you manage to do it enough to make a living from your poker sessions, you now officially have the coolest non-job in the world. Why is not a job you ask?

  • No boss
  • No office
  • You can wear what you want
  • You can drink whisky while you do it
  • You can get up and leave whenever you feel like it
  1. One Word – Rounders

If you don’t understand this one, you’re a dork. But in case you were just born, you need to watch the best poker movie ever. If you have seen it, we both know you’re going to go and watch it again (after you finish reading this article of course).

  1. Smoke Filled Basements

This one’s harder to find these days, but when you do it’s extra cool. Even if you don’t smoke, you can still stick a big fat cigar in your mouth and pretend. There’s just something special about inhaling deeply and blowing smoke in the face of your opponent, pausing to stub out your cigarette, and dramatically pushing all your chips in without saying a word.

  1. The Wild West for the 21st Century

Let’s face it, poker is a game for cowboys who like loose women and hard liquor. At least that’s how it used to be, and it’s hard to shake that image entirely which makes it a bit dirty, a bit wrong and totally bad ass. You might be 7 geeks in argyle tank-tops by day, but by night, through the altered reality of self-delusion and the exclusive nature of your “invite only” poker club – you are a law-breaking, hip-swaying, whisky drinking outlaw on a shimmering black horse of awesomeness.

  1. Going All In Impresses the Girls (or so you think)

Whether you have the nuts or you’re full of shit, it’s time to stand up, kick back your chair like Little Richard, wrap your hands around your stack of chips and declare that you are “all in”. It never gets old, it never stops being exciting. Why? Because every time it happens, someone is putting their life on the line, risking being a loser, cast like a leper to the corner of the room, where nobody cares about you. Where you no longer get to peel back the corner of those two little cards and gasp internally when the first is an Ace, then sigh without sighing when the second is a four. And if there just happens to be a girl around when you go All In and win? It’s like hitting the downtown buzzer beater in game seven of the NBA finals – guaranteed to get you laid.

  1. Hard work and intelligence can make you a great player

This is where it gets really good. You don’t actually have to be cool to be cool, if you know what I’m saying. Using your mastery of mathematics, your uncanny ability to read body language, or a photographic recollection of the fundamentals of the game, you can be VERY cool by just been damn good at poker.

  1. An excuse to ditch the girls once a week

Despite spending our entire lives trying to be around women, we all need a break from the ladies once in a while. The bonding ritual that is a weekly poker night is one of the most precious routines a man can have. Find a game, show up every time, and enjoy burping, farting and swearing like a cowboy. Just for a night.